We help the plastics industry minimize their environmental footprint

We help the plastics industry minimize their environmental footprint


We believe in a sustainable plastic industry

We believe in a sustainable plastic industry

A growing focus on the environment, has put the plastics industry under both pressure and scrutiny. Images of plastic filled beaches, animals with plastic filled intestines, and endless lots of plastic landfill, has left the world crying out for change – and for corporate responsibility.

At Trebo we have made it our mission, to provide the plastics industry with technologically advanced tools that help limit their waste to an absolute minimum. Our unique and patent pending technology, allows  manufacturers to optimize their production, by sorting complicated scrap mixtures, and preparing them to be recycled in production. Rather than shipping the waste to off-site sorting, our solution works as an integrated part of the production line, giving manufacturers the chance to create closed loops of optimized production.

As members of the plastics industry, we believe it is our common responsibility to make plastic consumption as efficient as possible. So if you too are into plastics production, looking for a way to save money while saving the environment, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Long Live Plastic.



Two environmentalists from the Technical University of Denmark

Two environmentalists from the technical university of Denmark

Trebo’s first steps were taken at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). With a shared environmental interest Thomas Trebbien and Andreas Leth Bockhoff engaged themselves in a project with a large Danish company, searching for sustainable solutions to handle production waste. It was clear to them, that the solution lied in more effective sorting technologies, which led them to develop the foundation of what the fluid-mechanical sorting system is based on today.

Since the foundation and the award for “Best Student Startup” at DTU, both in 2017, Trebo has developed into an established company with a diverse team of specialists, generalists and enthusiasts who all share the vision of making the future of plastics more sustainable.


Meet our team

Meet our ambitious employees


Andreas Leth Bockhoff
Founder & CEO

MSc in Design & Innovation from DTU. Leading general management, strategy and customer relations.


Thomas Trebbien
Founder & CTO

MSc in Design & Innovation from DTU. Leading system development and technical dialogue with customers.


Christian Lundgaard
Partner & CSO

PhD in topology optimization from DTU. Leading technology development and process optimization.


Celi Asani

+30 years experience in injection moulding. Leading daily operations of the sorting systems at the site. 


Stig Träff
Commercial advisor

+30 years experience in sales from Novozymes. Leading sales strategy, marketing and customer acquisition.

Meet our board of directors

Board of directors


Steen S. Jørgensen
Chairman of board

Main focus on IP strategy and general management at Trebo.

Extensive management and key customer relationship management from jobs in marketing, business development, research management as well as sales and technical service management.

Former Vice President of R&D & Technical Services at Novozymes.


Sigurd Lilienfeldt
Board member

Main focus on business strategy and funding strategy at Trebo.

More than 20 years experience in top management consulting serving global clients in financial, industrial and consumer related industries.

Former partner at Axcel Private Equity.


Jakob Svagin
Board member

Main focus on business development and partnerships at Trebo.

More than 10 years of startup experience, both as part of a cleantech startup and as advisor for technology startups.

Former Head of Purchasing & R&D Engineer at Amminex.

Join us

We are always keen to meet talented professionals, who would like to join our team. If you wish to be considered for any future positions or internships, please send and email with your CV and a couple of slides explaining why you want to join us.



Please don't hesitate to contact us

Please don't hesitate to contact us

Trebo ApS
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Trebo ApS
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