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At Trebo we work every day to create a circular economy for plastics by solving complicated sorting challenges for brand owners and plastic converters. Via our sorting service, we turn waste into premium quality recyclates establishing a reliable flow of secondary raw materials to replace primary raw materials.

Founded by two engineers in 2018, innovation is in our DNA, and we’re continually advancing our patented sorting system to perform even more high-demanding sorting tasks, aspiring to provide all members of the plastics industry with a solution to sort their plastics for recycling.

We believe collaboration is key to making sustainable progress and form recycling partnerships where we work closely with our customers, supporting them in making significant contributions to a circular future for plastics. Long Live Plastics.

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Meet our team

We are a diverse team of specialists, generalists and enthusiasts. Learn more about each of us below.


Developing and testing prototypes. BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark. Former Student Worker at Trebo.

Mechanical Engineer

Josephine Friis Jensen


In charge of daily operations. 30+ years of experience with operating injection moulding machines.

System Operator

Celi Asani


Leading installation and maintenance. 20+ years of experience with installation of complex industrial systems.

Lead System Installer

Torben Sonne


In charge of daily operations. Background in design.

System Operator

Troels Brandt Partoft


Executing installation and erection tasks. 30+ years of experience with setup and maintenance of complex systems.

System Installation Expert

Søren Christiansen


In charge of communications strategy. Cand.mag.comm from Aalborg University. Former Communication Specialist at AS3.

Digital Communications Specialist

Klara Appel


Assisting automation tasks. BA in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark.

Student Worker

Helene Vargas Becerra


Handling office related duties and ad-hoc tasks.

Office Service Manager

Melanie Simone Neander

Meet our board

At Trebo we are a dedicated group of sorting experts. Felis in neque commodo maximus placerat pulvinar sit amet.

Chairman of Board

Sigurd Lillienfeldt

Board Member

Jens Munch-Hansen

Board Member

Thomas Trebbien

Board Member

Silas Kondrup


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On our factory expansion

“The number of plastics-producing companies with an interest in the company's patented technologies is growing rapidly and the contact has taken on a different character”

Published in Børsen (in Danish), January 2022

On the interest from funds

“We look at approximately three companies a day on an average and definitely consider Trebo to be at the top in terms of sustainability and impact”

Published in Børsen (in Danish), January 2022

On the founding of Trebo

“Production companies should recycle their plastic waste. This is the ambition of two young engineers, whose machine can sort different types of plastic with a purity close to 100%”

Published in Ingeniøren (in Danish), May 2020


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Plastiværksættere henter millioner til første fabrik

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Trebo sikrer 30 millioner til investering i cirkulær plastsortering

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