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"Our commitment to excellence extends to our 100% recycled modular belts, made possible through partnership with Trebo, ensuring the utmost quality of recycled material"

Alex Ludvigsen

Head of Global Product Line Management at Ammeraal Beltech


Ammeraal Beltech is a global market leader in the design, manufacturing, fabrication and servicing of high-quality, high-performance process and conveyor belts.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, they are focused on efficiently managing their post-production waste through closed-loop recycling. In collaboration with Trebo, they've newly launched their 100% recycled conveyor belt, setting a new standard in the industry. Looking ahead, they aim in the nearby future is to establish a take-back scheme for their customers, extending their recycling efforts to cover end-of-life products.

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This is how our partnership works. Ammeraal Beltech continuously collects the rejected items, as well as other other production waste, and shreds the material into granules before delivering it to us, when they have a full truck to load. We sort the mixture using our patented system, extracting pure fractions of the mixed color POM, which are then shipped back to Ammeraal Beltech.

Due to the high purity levels of the sorted material, it can now be introduced to new cycles of producing the exact same product without compromising any of their quality metrics. In the near future, our partnership will expand to incorporate a take-back program for post-consumer products collected from Ammeraal Beltech's customers, facilitating their recycling within a closed-loop system.

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Here's some of the advantages Ammeraal Beltech has gained by recycling their production scrap in a closed-loop.

77% CO2-eq saved pr kilo

A recycled belt cuts 77% CO2-eq emissions pr kilo compared to producing in virgin material.

100% recycled input

Ammeraal produces 100% recycled belt with new high-quality secondary raw material.

Drastic waste reduction

Production waste is drastically minimized due to the closed-loop recycling process.

Seamless integration

Effortless re-implementation of recycled material due to its virgin-like quality once sorted.