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We help companies turn plastic waste into quality recyclates ready to replace virgin materials in new production cycles.

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Closed-loop recycling refers to a process where used materials are recycled into a new version of the same product they originated from in a closed and controlled chain. Trebo enables closed-loop recycling by obtaining quality recyclates from your waste stream capable of being reutilised in the manufacturing process.

Open-loop recycling refers to a process where used materials are recycled into other products that often have a different intended purpose. Trebo enables open-loop recycling by recovering viable recyclates from your waste stream to either supply your production or be handed over to a third party in your network.

Tap into the circular economy by exploiting the value of the plastics waste streams that you play a part in generating – whether in the form of production scrap or end-of-life products.

Trebo is your dedicated partner in recycling. Our sorting service provides brand owners and plastics converters with a simple, reliable and effective solution for sorting their plastics waste, establishing new flows of premium secondary raw materials.

Using our patented technology, we're able to sort even highly complicated waste streams into pure fractions that can serve as substitutes for primary raw materials. We make it possible for even the most quality-minded companies to utilise their plastics waste.

Closed-loop recycling
Open-loop recycling
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Our service

Click through the key steps of our sorting service to get a better idea of how it works.


Shipment to Trebo

You collect and deliver the waste stream to Trebo’s sorting factory – we take care of the rest. It can arrive as full-size products or shredded material.



Preparations for sorting

We prepare the waste for optimal sorting. This often includes shredding and washing, but can vary depending on the waste type.



Sorting of waste stream

We sort the waste stream into high-purity fractions of each plastic type using our patented fluid-mechanical sorting technology.



Preparations for recycling

We dry and further process the sorted plastics to obtain optimal conditions for your moulding process. If needed, pelletising is an option.



Assurance of quality

We analyse the output thoroughly to ensure that our agreed quality requirements are met. We also make sure the received waste is traceable.



Return of sorted plastics

We pack and ship the plastic recyclates directly to you or one of your partners, ready for high-quality recycling.


Top sorting for a broad range of applications

Our patented Trebo system excels in sorting complex plastics waste streams to extremely high purities. The unique technology enables us to sort a wide variety of mixtures by exploiting differences in the fluid-dynamic properties of each plastic type.

The plastic mixture is moved vertically through a liquid allowing for each particle to settle between movements. By creating a pattern that perfectly fits the particular application scenario, we're capable of reaching your purity requirements time after time.

Our sorting service solves challenges for various industries such as medical, electronics, and automotive, primarily handling post-production and post-consumer plastic waste gathered via take-back schemes. Have a look at our cases to see examples of our work.

Post-consumer waste refers to an item that has served its intended purpose in either a B2B or B2C setting, reaching its end-of-life stage. It’s most often collected for recycling through take-back schemes. Beer kegs, transportation belts and lighters are some examples of post-consumer waste we have successfully sorted.

Post-production waste refers to scrap generated from manufacturing processes that is collected directly at the site, never leaving the production. Co-extruded profiles, rejects and co-injection moulded inlets are some examples of post-industrial waste we have sorted with success.

Post-consumer waste
Post-production waste
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Your benefits

Here’s a selection of the many benefits you can gain by using our service to sort your plastics for recycling.

01. Go circular

Make circular production a reality for your company with a feasible end-to-end recycling service.

02. Stabilise Cost

In a volatile market and gain more internal control through a reliable source of recycled materials.

03. Save CO2

Reduce your environmental impact by minimising waste and maximising your resources.

04. Secure compliance and transparency

Live up to regulations with a sustainable waste management that allows for full transparency.

Others say

We’re proud to be trusted by industry giants. Together we make an impact and speed up the green transition.

Schneider Electric

“We’re extremely satisfied with the consistent purity Trebo is able to deliver, enabling us to send scrap back into our production without compromising any quality measures”

Mogens Auchenberg, Plant Director

Primo Danmark

“Capable of extracting high-purity fractions from our most complicated waste streams, time after time, Trebo has become our dedicated partner in recycling”

Taj Bernth, Chief Executive Director


“We have a huge focus on green transition and sustainability, and I’m happy to see our members engage in the agenda. A great example is Trebo offering new innovative recycling technology”

Thomas Drustrup, Chief Executive Director